Finecare Vet Analyzer gives you the convenience of doing in home progesterone testing at an affordable cost!

I am a new distributor for Wondfo Finecare Plus Analyzer (Vet) machine, an Affordable Canine Testing machine for Dog breeders to conveniently run PROGESTERONE testing in the comfort of their own home at a fraction of the cost of running a test at your vet.

Wondfo’s Progesterone Test kits have a 2 year shelf life and DO NOT need to be stored in a refrigerator. They are also less expensive per test than other units tests available averaging about $12 per test. Each box of tests includes a calibration chip. There is no need for complicated or time consuming calibration!

Upon registration of your new machine you are shown how to set up and use your machine and also have access to online support. Wondfo has a worry free warranty, free registration, online videos  and customer support.

The machine package includes centrifuge, pipette, syringe, tips, racks, gloves, a box of test kits and shipping etc. That is all you need to do a progesterone test at home. One Year replacement warranty, free video/call training, shipping are all included.  It sells for $2800 CAD and the boxes of test kits are $120 for a 10 pack which I always have in stock.

I am also an ABVTA Vet tech and am able to  also offer in house testing for $40 for the first test, $25 for additional same bitch same heat cycle – includes blood collection