Buyer Testimonials

 There is no better feeling than being matched up with a wonderful new family member. Jolene was quick to fill a hole that our last Labrador left in our hearts when she matched us with Bruno just over a year ago. Jolene was professional, responded to us in a timely matter and has loved each puppy that has gone out of her home.
Our Bruno is “one of the kids” and we continue to be impressed with how clever, sweet and cuddly he is. We are so thankful to Jolene at Eagertrieve for her passion to breeding British Labradors and ensuring their health and wellness as well as our complete joy in adopting such a great pet.

Stephanie Vannus

 You will read on here about how great the Eagertrieve labs are and I will totally agree, so what can I say about Dwayne that the other here haven’t said already about their Eagertrieve labs. they are great dogs and are true family member. what I can tell you is about my experience with Dwayne and his bird dog talents.
when I started doing research on what kind of dog would make a good companion for me one phrase I came across stuck in my head.  You want a friend first, and hunting dog second, for me that meant my dog would be a bird dog a few weekends a year but my best friend the rest of the year. this meant one thing, an English lab. Dwayne has been that and more.
 Dwayne always turns heads and draws a crowd. I am a proud poppa anytime any
one croons over him and he just calmly accepts the attention.

Shawn McLaughlin

 “My family and I had never owned a big dog before and we were really nervous. We decided we would like a lab and I went away searching on the Internet for a breeder. I came across Jolene’s website that was full of information and pictures. Once Wyatt was born we got updated pictures every week…. We were lucky enough to meet Wyatt’s our new little puppy. Wyatt is a wonderful dog. He is smart, excellent with children , well mannered and couldn’t ask for much more. We love him so much that we wanted another one. I e-mailed Jolene and she blessed us with another puppy.
Her name is Ozzy she is the biggest sweet heart ever. Both of our dogs are so much more than we could have ever asked for. I would not look anywhere else but Eagertrieve for a Labrador. Jolene is well educated and has high standards for her dogs!!”

Monique and Phillip Hansen

Our experience with Jolene has been extremely positive from the first email to the picking up of our beloved Jasper and Ally. Her
questionnaire may appear over whelming but from it she can match a puppy to you and your family down to the smallest detail  We have enjoyed her after sale support her emails are answered sometimes in minutes Jolene is the definition of a reputable breeder.

Jaye and Carol Ehrlich

We are lucky enough to be the foster… and now forever home for Marley! We welcomed her into our home when she was just 3 years old and have loved every moment since. She has the most loving, kind and calm temperament – we cannot imagine our lives without her in it.
Eagertrieve was wonderful and easy to deal with. Jolene was never more then an email away and always replied promptly to every question, no matter how odd it was.
I would recommend to anyone and everyone to buy a lab from Jolene! She is great to work with and the dogs are the best!

Rob and Shannon Murray

We are very fortunate to be the proud foster family to two Eagertrieve girls, Jewel (Treasure x Elvis) and Magic (Abby x Jett). We are so thrilled to have these dogs in our lives and our experience with Jolene has been nothing but top notch. The temperament of Eagertrieve dogs is amazing. They are laid back and relaxed but they also know how to have fun and love to play fetch or just hang out with the family.
We are so impressed but the knowledge and the love for the breed that we see with Jolene and Eagertrieve!

Dan and Siane Martin

We got Cole in February of 2015. He was born on December 31/14….a New Years baby I took this as a sign since I had just lost my other chocolate lab a few months before so I contacted Jolene after much research and after a few conversations and questions we were selected to bring home one of Desi and JD’s puppies. Cole had brought our family back together. He is a goof ball and drives me nutty some days but we love him so much he is so smart and loyal and the ultimate protector of our daughter and family. The relationship he has with our daughter is beyond what words can say.
With all that being said I would highly recommend Jolene and her dogs. She was very honest and answered any questions we had during the waiting period to bring Cole home. We received from her a very healthy happy puppy with wonderful breeding we get so many compliments on him and his looks. So thank you Jolene for what you do and what you stand for.

Joey and Melanie Crossman

After getting our first yellow lab, we immediately knew we wanted another one, as a young child, my Husband grew up with his neighbor having a black lab. He had a special place in his heart for a black lab, so we started talking to many Alberta breeder and came in contact with Jolene from Eagertrieve, I knew from that point we had to get one of her puppies, the wait was worth it, When we met Jolene at YEG to pick up Lily, we immediately had a bond with her that was like no other, She truly is are pride and joy, Her temperament is so loveable, training her was a breeze, I truly believe getting a puppy from a reputable & creditable breeder is so important, Our yellow lab is just as wonderful, but you can defiantly tell the different lines in the two dogs, Lily is more than A “dog” she is our companion, we are so thankful for her every day we have her. She truly makes us smile. If you have gone this far to read these testimonials then contact Jolene, You won’t be disappointed.

Stacey and Randy

Our Labrador Jolene is a huge part of our lives. We compete with her in Obedience, Rally Obedience, CARO Rally, Barn Hunt, Chase
Ability, Hunt Testing, Agility, Scent Detection, Dock Diving, and anything else we can find to do… She is healthy, smart, friendly, and adaptable to nearly any situation. With her calm temperament and sweet disposition we can and do take her everywhere with us. In the future we plan to try carting with her as well as certifying her as a therapy dog.

Mike and Shona Smith

Eagertrieve Labradors are the most amazing dogs ever! It was readily apparent how much knowledge, love, and care Jolene has for all of her dogs when we were first looking for our new puppy. Our experience was extremely professional and organized throughout the entire process. Our dogs are beautiful, healthy and have amazing dispositions. I wish I had room for more! We are beyond grateful to Jolene and Eagertrieve Labradors for the most amazing additions to our family, truly our angels!
George and Lynda Parrot

Jolene and Treasure entered our lives after we lost our sweet retriever ‘Shandi’, a faithful companion of 15 years and our beloved Grandma Sharon.   It was a dark, raw time for the Mitchell family indeed.  My friend Val suggested that we foster a Labrador retriever from ‘this amazing young breeder from Gwynne.’ She showed me a picture of her dogs and we fell in love. After talking with Jolene about our family’s losses, she immediately matched us to Treasure.  ‘T-Dawg’ as we affectionately nicknamed her, is a loving and doting companion to my eldest daughter and I. She claimed our hearts and healed our hurts through patient, loyal affection.Enter stage left…Tatum!!  ‘Tater-tot’ burst into our lives with rude and playful insistence. When visiting Jolene’s kennel, a young exuberant chocolate mass of fur and loose skin leapt into my arms and slurped my face!  ‘No! We do not want another dog!’  But during that 30 minute drive home I couldn’t stop thinking that she too belonged with us because she was the alter ego of my youngest daughter.  Tater-tot is the yin to Treasure’s yang and continues to spread goofy joy in our house every day.Jolene…well, she’s amazing!  She trusts us completely with her beauties and has exposed our family to wonders we would never have experienced like the miracle of births, the science of c-sections, and the thrill of championships. Thanks to Jolene and her daughter, we are puppy doulas in training!I can honestly say that Jolene’s generosity has enriched our lives. Every morning is like Christmas. Every snuggle and sloppy dog kiss melts our hearts.  I never have to sweep crumbs off the floor or rinse a dirty plate left on the coffee table.  All I need is a Roomba, a poop scoop and the rest is pure joy
Blaine, Jill, Cassia and Hannah Mitchell

How do you write a review for someone who has given you years of unconditional love and immeasurable joy?
I was a lab sibling as a child and I have been a lab parent most of my adult life. I found Jolene 14 years ago through a local lab club when I was looking for a yellow male puppy.  I went online and when I saw her puppies and I knew Brady was my soul dog.

Brady passed in May 2020 and I was devastated (still am).  But when I contacted Jolene and said I was looking for a puppy to fill the lab-sized hole in my heart, her empathy was amazing and I was lucky enough to be gifted my Pepper, who arrived on my birthday.  She has been a shining light through a dark time and I couldn’t ask for anything more! (Except we are on the waiting list for a yellow boy!!)

Shelly Smith-Hines

Jolene has the most beautiful pups. Maddie is the sweetest pup, so loving and loyal. Always happy and eager to please her family. She loves all things water and loves fetching balls. Has yet to meet a dog or cat she doesn’t love. So gentle with young children, all around athletic, calm sweet girl.. can’t imagine a life without her
Wendy and Terry Sydoryk

Thank you Jolene for giving us the chance to bring Sadie (VanillaxRam) into our family. She is so gentle and calm. Everyone we meet on walks or at the dog park can’t believe how young she is due to her calm nature, they all think she should be a therapy dog. The dedication you have for the breed shows through in your dogs – they are beautiful and have such great temperaments. Jolene has always been there to support us with any questions we have about anything Sadie related, which is so appreciated. She is a wealth of information and has done a great job at joining her “Eagertieve Family” together.  It is such a nice connection to have 
Jaime TeVelde

We will be forever grateful for Jolene and Eagertrieve. Dallas is simply the best addition to our family that we could have ever asked for. He has the most distinct personality that we absolutely adore. Smart, sweet, and so silly. We constantly say, “I can’t believe he’s ours”! We feel so lucky to have found Eagertrieve and our Dallas!
Riley Barnes and Alex Chiasson

We had been admiring Eagertrieve’s dogs for years, and were so excited when the time came to finally add a new 4 legged friend to our family this year. Our experience with Jolene was amazing, she was so informative and kept in contact throughout the pregnancy and early weeks of puppies life. We picked Banks ( TJ & Jared) up just 5 weeks ago and we are amazed at what an amazing boy he is. He is so smart and loves to learn. We are constantly getting comments on how stunning he is everywhere we take him. He has been the best addition to our family and we cannot wait to add another Eagertrieve lab to our family in the coming years!!! 
Renae Gillingham

I have grown up with Labradors most of my life. I promised myself my next one was going to be exactly what I was looking for. Responsible breeding, with great genetics, big blocky head, intelligence,heart of gold, and excellent temperament. Jake ( Shelly x Ram) my dog from Eagertrieve Labradors has far exceeded my expectations. Working with Jolene from start to finish was a great experience. As Jake was in Canada and I am in Florida. I was sent videos and pictures to pick him out and then everything was arranged for him to be flown home! It was an amazing experience all the way around. I recommend anyone looking for an exceptional dog to look no further. You will not be disappointed! Jake is the best dog I have ever owned. Eagertrieve has a customer for life!
Jill Jackson, DVM Sarasota, Florida

Connecting with Jolene and her Eagertrieve Labradors lead us to purchasing a beautiful black lab. It was very quickly evident that Jolene works very hard to breed healthy, true to breed dogs. She loves and cares for all of her dogs and wants to find loving and caring forever homes for her puppies. Our dog, Juno, has a calm and loving nature and brings so much joy to our lives. Very quickly she became one of the family. She loves nothing more than being with her people, playing with other dogs, going for walks and curling up on the couch. We are thankful to have an Eagertrieve lab!
Stephanie Mallet

Always having a Lab in our house growing up I knew exactly what kind of dog I wanted; plus with my mom having her own Eagertrieve pup
I knew how great they were before I even had one of my own.  Jolene is definitely well-educated and has been nothing but great to us,
being there to answer all of our questions, concerns and offering advice. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her kennels to

Zaia has been a light at the end of a tunnel for me and my family. She has been nothing but a blessing and a support network for me. She
came into our life after a horrible car

Sierra Corrigan and Codey Payne

I would like to share with you my experience with Eagertrieve Kennels , when we were looking to buy a Lab .
Jolene was very prompt answering our e-mails  and answering all our questions, and then offered us a pup she had After we agreed on him, she made all arrangements and was great as we had no idea how to go about it all and she made it so smooth it was great. And sent us lots info with him so we got off on the right foot with him. Also as soon as we got him fixed an sent her the papers ,we received his reg. papers. Our boy Blue has great  temperament as I am sure all Eagertrieves labs do. Also he is a heavy set lab like we wanted , he is a pleasure to train and is a great pal.

Flo and Maurice McKinley

The experience we had with Jolene in getting both our Labs was, quite simply, excellent. From our initial visits through to follow up questions we had after we got them, Jolene is a wealth of information and always accommodating. As for our dogs, we could not be happier. Rookie and Fergus are amazingly well tempered and  smart.

Curt and Tamara Boechler

We couldn’t ask for a better dog than Piper!  She is so kind, gentle, smart, and well behaved.  Between her naps, she joins our family in almost all of our activities and she brings so much joy.  She is a treasured member of our family.

We would recommend Jolene to any person/family looking for a beautiful lab with an amazing temperament!  These dogs are angels with kids.  Jolene is so easy to talk to and can offer so much helpful advice.  She is truly there for you and your Eagertrieve pup longterm!  We are so looking forward to another Eagertrieve addition in our family

Tabitha Gonos

We are so happy we chose to go through Jolene for the privilege of having an Eagertrieve Lab in our family. We receive compliments regularly on Memphis’ calm, kind and gentle nature, and people often state how uncommon it is to see a “proper” English-type Lab. We’re so happy with Memphis that once we decided to become a two dog family we automatically contacted Jolene and are currently waiting for our newest addition. It’s so nice to know that Jolene is only an email or Facebook post away in the event we have any questions or concerns, and knowing that she takes an active and ongoing interest in all of the pups she places is reassuring
Tricia and Bernie Hoffman

We absolutely LOVE our beautiful girl Ellie Star (Sapphire x Ram)! Everywhere Ellie goes people comment on her beauty, thick gorgeous coat and friendly demeanor. Some recognize Ellie as an Eagertrieve lab immediately. Once we decided we were ready for another puppy and English Labrador specifically we did our research. Eagertrieve Labradors was the only breeder in Alberta that met our standards. After Ellie was born Jolene regularly sent us photos and videos of our growing puppy. Jolene also maintains a FB page and communication with all of her puppy families. The FB page is a great resource for families and a way to connect to other Eagertrieve families. We wish we had the space for another Eagertrieve pup!
Wendy Hoglund

Growing up with pets was something I loved so I knew that my family needed to experience the same thing. Finding a dog who was family oriented as well as very social with both people and other animals was a must! I grew up with Labradors and knew it was the breed for us. 

When I found Jolene and her Eagertrieve’s I knew I just needed to have one. I was lucky enough to get Ruger who was one of the adults that Jolene had and was retiring. He was so perfect in every way that 6 months later I took Effie home as well! These two are the greatest family dogs, they love everything and everyone and I couldn’t imagine my house without them. The passion Jolene has for the breed really shines through in her dogs and that is truly so important. 

Carlie Durksen

 On the passing of our two older dogs, my husband and I decided that our lives would not be complete without the companionship of another yellow lab. On the recommendation of my friend and neighbor I contacted Jolene and Eagertrieve Labs. My neighbor is also a vet and had heard about Jolene and her pups. From my first e-mail I was impressed with both the communication and interest in my desire to have a lab puppy.  All e-mails were answered promptly and she helped us to make plans for our future puppy.  On the birth of Abby, we received weekly photos, videos and updates concerning their health and activities. We finally picked up Abby in October, 2015. She enjoys the
frequent visits from children and grandchildren and the leisurely walks with us.  She has many dog friends including Ivy and Cargo, two black labs that live next door.  She loves all people and other dogs and we look forward to taking her to our cabin on the Pacific in 2 months.  We have not only gained a beautiful Labrador, Abby, but also the Eagertrieve family that communicates daily.  I haven’t met these people but through daily sharing of stories, advice, dog show news, birth notices and sadly, as well, the passing of one of our precious pets, I have learned so much more about all the wonderful Eagertrieve Labradors and their families.  I must say that all the Eagertrieve Labradors seem so happy, healthy and well cared for, maybe a bit spoiled, Abby included. In conclusion, I have learned from Jolene that committing to one of her puppies is an on-going experience where we continuously work together to provide a safe and happy home for our best friend.

Rick and Marguerite Maitland

After my new wife and I bought our first home it was time to full fill a dream I grew up with the most amazing black lab  I so wanted to find a breeder who could help us find that special lab
My mom called and said to investigate this breeder Jolene Klotz of Eagertrieve Labradors We emailed Jolene her response was was incredibly quick we filled out the puppy questionnaire and heard that we were approved the next day . We were so nervous going to pick up our new little boy … would he like us….. would we like him ….. well that all vanished the minute we met him Jolene made our introduction to puppy parenthood a wonderful experience
She was so nice with the after sale questions and concerns realizing we just wanted to do everything right Stark has proven to be the exact special lab I had envisioned after losing my childhood friend Jazz . He has also proven to be a family friend  to our daughter these two have become inseperable I’m watching a second generation growing up with that special lab We highly recommend to everyone  to have  Jolene to put that special lab in your home.

Dustin and Angelina Ehrlich

Eagertrieve pups are nothing short of amazing! Our family made an emergency trip to Edmonton from Fort McMurray to care for our Chocolate lab.  While sitting in the Guardian Vet Clinic waiting to hear if our very ill Lab would make it, I watched a woman with a few lab puppies in the same waiting room.  The pups were adorable of course, but the way the owner handled them somehow just stayed with me.  Our senior lab didn’t make it and after several months of very sad days I came across a Lab breeder in Edmonton online, the picture of the same woman I saw in that vet clinic that day..Jolene with Eagertrieve Labs.

  Jolene had one pup that was available for adoption.  We inquired about this pup and jumped right in to adopt Gaby the four month old Chocolate girl.  Gaby is the most gentle soul, loves to be your company, always in slow motion girl.  Everywhere we go people stop us to compliment and say hi to her!  After a few years we decided to add another Eagertrieve pup to our family..we really couldn’t have just one!  We again reached out to Jolene who kept in touch with us and answered endless questions about which pups were available.  We brought home Izzy our yellow lab girl! It really does seem crazy but Izzy is very much a gentle giant too!  Gaby and Izzy really are amazing pups, they travel everywhere with us whether it’s driving to different provinces, flying across Canada, and many hotel stays!  We absolutely love having Gaby and Izzy as part of our family…Jolene and Eagertrieve have given us the best pups for life!

Janet Halliday

Getting a dog from Eagertrieve Labradors is one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. 

Chester is now 3 years old and has such a big personality. He is a happy-go-lucky goofball who tries to put a smile on everyone’s face. He loves a good play with friends, romp through the forest or retrieving sticks in the ocean, followed by a long nap snoring in front of the fireplace. He is calm around kids and is fantastic with our 8 month old baby. Truly the classic labrador temperament we were looking for.
Aside from breeding exceptionally beautiful English labradors with a great temperament, what sets Jolene apart, in our opinion, is the ongoing support and commitment to the dog you bring home. These are Jolene’s fur babies and if she entrusts one into your hands, you are part of the Eagertrieve community. She has a Facebook page for owners to share stories, ask questions, and keep in touch with littermates amongst other things, which is a fantastic resource.
We can’t thank Jolene enough for letting us call one of her dogs ours. If you are looking for an English Labrador look no further than Eagertrieve Labradors

Ross and Diana Wolridge

We have had 2 black labs from Jolene.  When our old guy passed many years ago, we didn’t even look for another breeder as we trust Jolene and appreciate her passion for the Labrador breed. Jolene takes great care to breed for temperament and health and she is also mindful of “fit” to be sure that the puppy will match his or her new family.  She has done a great job – both times – with matching us with the perfect new family member.   Jolene has also been very generous with her time over the years when we have questions.  
Our Bella is a beautiful girl who adores our family (our kids are her favourite!).  She is a smart girl with a very sweet personality and she is exactly what you would expect in a well-bred lab – very loving, just the right amount of energy and a little bit of a goofball.  She has been the perfect addition to our busy house – Bella is just as happy to head out for a big hike as she is to snuggle with the kids on the couch and watch a movie on a rainy day. 
Kelly Benson

Jolene and the Eagertrieve website was the best Internet find.  We discovered her site in 2007 when we decided we would like a chocolate lab after the loss of our first fur baby.  As luck would have it a litter had been born.  We put in a request for a puppy and it was excepted.  The whole process went very well and we enjoyed the weekly updates.  On February 19th, 2007 and 2 plane rides we welcomed Gracie (Stacey x Tanner)into our family. She was such a joy to our family and we loved her.  She crossed the Rainbow bridge in August 2020 at 13.5, and she had a very good life.  We are thrilled again that in June we will welcome a new puppy into our family. Anyone looking for gorgeous well bred labrador retrievers can’t go wrong with an  Eagertrieve Labrador.   Thank you Jolene

Debbie & Tom MacDonald

Where do I even begin. We first came across ‘Eagertrieve Labs’ in early 2008 when we were on the hunt for an English Lab. After filling out the application, to the time we got our beautiful Remi girl in December 2008 (Summer X Will) we had nothing but the most professional, knowledgeable and wonderful feeling of who Jolene was, and the incredible dogs she took so much pride in.

We live in British Columbia Canada, so Jolene sent our girl on her first and only ever airplane ride. From there we fell in love with absolutely everything about our ‘black beauty Remi’ . ️Remi, was incredible. She was calm, yet boisterous. She was perfect! Everyone who met Remi would comment on what an incredibly sweet, beautiful dog she was.

Remi lived 12.5 wonderful years with us before heading to the rainbow bridge in Dec 2020. We miss her immensely, but one day look forward to loving another one of Jolene’s beautiful creations in the future. In fact it is no other option for us, as long we have a dog in our lives it’ll be an Eagertrieve

Hayley Tassie

It is with great love and extreme happiness to be one of the lucky people to post on Eagertrieve Labradors site. I feel extremely honoured to own not one, but three of Jolene’s labs. They are extremely healthy and have not had any health issues. I believe it is because of the clear bloodlines and the care that Jolene takes in ensuring a healthy puppy that will be a part of our family for years. I have known Jolene for over 13 years when we got our first little angel, Siena. Siena is almost 14 years old and is an amazing member of our family. She still loves walks, eating (of course!) and hanging out with my husband and I and our two other Eagertrieve Labs. Britton is our black lab who is almost 10 years old and he is such a character. He loves running with his little sister, Glee, our funny chocolate lab who is almost 7, and I. We all spend a lot of time with our 3 labs playing, snuggling and watching tv. These fur kids also are always front and centre when I am baking or when we bar-b-que something yummy. Thank you for always being there to answer questions regarding our fur kids, Jolene; you are an expert through and through
Heather Walton

My experience with buying a puppy from Eagertrieve has been outstanding. From you allowing me into your home to show me the puppies to get to know
their individual personalities, to the sound advice and recommendations for I would recommend to others.
Jennifer Campbell

After getting 4 wonderful labs, our breeder retired and moved away. We wanted to get another lab as we had lost our 14 year old guy and knew our 6
year old would appreciate the company, as he missed his buddy. I heard about Eagertrieve at the Alberta Kennel Club dog show after talking to
breeders and handlers. I know a good, responsible breeder not only cares about the dogs, but screens potential owners to ensure the puppies are going
to good, caring homes. Eagertrieve didn’t disappoint. After filling out a detailed application, we were kept informed about the litter’s progress and
John and Lynn Rust

As a family, we can’t say enough incredible things about Jolene & her pups. We picked up our chocolate lab in May of 2007 & he was just the ultimate family member & had the absolute best personality. We often received comments on what a good looking dog he was & we agreed whole heartedly!
Jolene was an honest, helpful & supportive breeder & we could tell immediately that she put so much passion & love into the dogs.
We unfortunately said goodbye to our chocolate lab; he was 14. We are so grateful we enjoyed him for so many years.
When we are ready for another pup, Jolene will be our 1st call.
Eagertrieves labs are simply the best!
Clare Peterson

We have had our beautiful Parker for over 2 years now. He was our foster for a while until we officially adopted him into our family. He’s a beautiful yellow lab with an exceptional temperament. We get compliments every single place we take him. We have never met a dog so docile and calm, so great with kids/babies and easy going with other animals. We are planning to get him into a pet therapy program as we feel he needs to be shared with the world somehow.

Jolene breeds incredible dogs and we are forever recommending her. Her attention and love for the breed is apparent with every single one of her pups.

We feel so lucky that we were introduced to Jolene/Eagertrieve labs and blessed with such an amazing dog

Julie Nally

Jolene at Eagertrieves has been wonderful. We purchased our first pup, a yellow lab – Jaxon (Sasha x Zan) as little guy. We had lost our family pet of 13 years and the house was feeling empty. He is everything we asked for and then some. He is Mr. Personality + and with that comes his quirks and stubbornness but we love him to pieces! Jaxon is definitely my hubby’s dog. I was feeling left out so we tossed around the idea of a second puppy! One for each of us! As luck would have it for us – a chocolate lab – who was meant to be bred and shown became available last minute. In that world he wasn’t quite perfect however that wasn’t true to us! Charlie (Bree x Finn) is perfect. He is quiet, sweet, gentle and loving. He is the perfect guy for me! The two boys get along very well. They love each other as if they were blood brothers. We are so very lucky. Jolene has always been available to answer questions, and I know that she really cares about the families that have bought from her. I recommend her to everyone that asks me where I got my dogs. These labs are so beautiful lots of people ask – we get compliments all the time! Thanks Jolene form giving us these amazing members of our Family!
Trent and Leanne Beesley

Connecting with Jolene and her Eagertrieve Labradors lead us to purchasing a beautiful black lab. It was very quickly evident that Jolene works very hard to breed healthy, true to breed
dogs. She loves and cares for all of her dogs and wants to find loving and caring forever homes for her puppies. Our dog, Juno, has a calm and loving nature and brings so much joy to our lives. Very quickly she became one of the family. She loves nothing more than being with her people, playing with other dogs, going for walks and curling up on the couch. We are thankful to have an Eagertrieve lab!
Greg and Megan

Guinness has fit into our family so well that it’s hard to imagine what life was like before he came. He is a playmate and pesky little brother to our other Lab, Burton, and recently became a big brother himself with the August arrival of our daughter Ellis.
He is happy to be anywhere we are, whether it’s playing at the dog park, swimming at the lake, or just lounging at home. He is definitely still an enthusiastic puppy, but has been extremely easy to train. We are continually impressed with how well he listens and follows commands.
He greets everyone, both people and dogs, with a wagging tail and a few kisses. He is just a fantastic boy and we are so happy he is part of our family.”

Brent and Kristy Kapicki

We have been blessed to foster one of Jolene’s dogs. From the moment we brought her home she has been incredible with our children.
We were not sure how Sheri would react to our kids…and cat, as we got her when she was 14 months old. It became apparent very
quickly that Jolene’s dogs are loved and socialized as Sheri has always been well mannered, patient, playful, level headed and loyal.
Wherever my kids go, Sheri is only 2 steps behind. Our neighbor is so in awe of Sheri’s personality that he asked us if she could play
with his new dog in hopes that she will rub off her calmness on him.
As a “foster mom”  I am like a crazy first time mom all over again with Sheri (although I’ve had dogs before), and I am thankful that
Jolene has always been available to answer questions, make recommendations, and offer support.
I cannot express how lucky we feel to have  Share-she (as my 2 year old calls her) in our family. I would recommend Jolene as a breeder and her loving labs to anyone looking for a fur baby family member.

Clayton and Morgan Northey

We had lost our Lab girl tragically 6 months before. When we decided we couldn’t live without another lab, I started going on websites and talking to different breeders. After emailing Jolene and then filling out the puppy questionnaire, we chatted on the phone.  Her depth of knowledge and passion for the Labrador breed, inspired my husband and I to purchase Rosco.  Any questions I had were answered promptly and now after 2 1/2 years, she is still there for us. I personally follow Jolene as she shows her dogs and pursues her career as a judge. To me this means, it is important to Jolene to breed dogs that meet the standard both in conformation and temperament. God willing there will definitely be more Eagertrieve bred labs at our farm!

Ken and Laurie Kambeitz

I recommend Eagertrieve Labradors to everyone who stops me on the street to ask about my dog. I spent two years following Jolene’s website, researching and reading about English type Labradors before deciding to move forward with a puppy. There’s many things Jolene does to ensure the highest quality puppies are produced but something that really resonates for me is her careful selection of stud dogs. She never inbreeds or uses family to family breeding. The studs that are selected are from completely different lines and even different counties! The puppies have very sound temperaments and of course, individual personalities that are sweet in nature and intelligent. This means that you’re in the best possible situation to do your part as owner to train and mold your puppy into a remarkable family pet. We absolutely adore our dog Toby and feel so fortunate to have found Jolene
Elizabeth Zapanta

It is with great pleasure that I speak to you about a woman named Jolene Lingnau.It all started 13 years ago when I met Jolene as not only she is my breeder but a very special friend. Lee and myself have been fostering since 2010, and are very fortunate to foster  3 Eagertrieve Studs.Ruger,Brodie and JamieYou will find a wealth of helpful information on Jolene "Eagertrieve Labrador" website both autobiographical and breed-related. As soon as I looked thru Eagertrieve Labrador portion of the website. I knew I’d discovered a goldmine. The website is filled with photos of her dogs, past and present – Boys, Girls, Puppies and Retired Dogs. Her breeding dogs and show dogs are given their own webpages, complete with photos, pedigrees and medical records. Separate from the website, she maintains a webpage with information about current litters and those planned for the future.Our 3 studs (Ruger, Brodie, and Jamie) Jolene placed with us is a constant source of joy and love. They are physically and emotionally healthy and structurally sound. The boys are intelligent, always learning new things, and always wants to please. Their "leash manners" are wonderful and they sleep peacefully on well at night. They love meeting new people and dogs. Everyone who meets the boys are delighted with their handsome appearances, wonderful temperament, disposition and loving personality.I can truly honestly say, that Jolene’s generosity has truly enriched Lee’s and myself lives.The way in which Jolene breeds and raises her Labrador pups is remarkable. Her breeding program and rearing techniques are outstanding.In closing, we must simply say that if you are looking for a English Labrador Dog that is great fun to have around, and train, we could not recommend the English Labrador more highly AND if you decide in this breed, get in touch with Jolene. There is no way you will be disappointed.
Sheila Pockett and Lee Fithen